I specialize in portrait/headshot, family, sports, performance, real estate/commercial/restaurant, and glamour.
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Capturing your wedding, family, event, sport or essence of you is broken down into fractions of a second through my lens. The depth behind the images is what differentiates the photographer you choose. You should connect with that person. Skills are relatively consistent. Relationships are not.

Chances are if you have it, we can convert it. Film Transfer, Photo scanning, slide scanning, videotape transfer and much more. You should trust the company who handles your most precious memories. We've been building that unique bond for over 10 years with our clients.


8mm, Super 8mm and 8mm sound Film starting at $9/per reel


Casettes & Records


Any format to DVD or editable file download starting at $12/per tape


Photos, slides and negatives starts at $.20/per photo


DON'T PUT IT OFF ANOTHER DAY....SEE WHAT YOU'RE MISSING! Film Transfer, Photo scanning, slide scanning, videotape transfer, portrait photography, video slide shows and photo management consultation.


I'll work with you prior to the meeting and decide on good locations. I promise it won't feel staged or forced. I work with kids everyday...mine... all three of them so, I know how to elicit the natural poses. Let me work with you to start composing images that will mean so much more in a month, year or decade. Take a look at my photo gallery.


My parents are elderly and when moving them from their home of 60 years to a retirement community, we found boxes and boxes of 'stuff'. I've heard about Digital Shoebox Studios from several friends so where to take them was a no brainer. At Christmas last year, my siblings and I surprised our parents with a movie night. We had Chris create a slideshow and we watched the old films. It's hard to describe the emotions of seeing your own life from 40 years ago. Images I'd not seen in 35 years or ever. I'm recommend Digital Shoebox to everyone. My friends on Facebook think I work for him. lol I can't stop talking about how perfect his operation is.

Gary S.

SouthPoint, PA

A dear friend lives in the Pittsburgh area and connected me with Chris and Digital Shoebox last year to scan my late husband's boxes of slides. Just holding them up to the window, I could see they looked really dark and under exposed. I didn't expect much back. I was floored by what I received. Somehow he recovered most of the images and the colors!!! I don't know how you do it Chris but thank you!!

Elizabeth R.

Long Island, NY

I have six children and started using Digital Shoebox for all of my graduation slideshows. It's the best tears I've shed watching his pieces of art. They truly are that. You can tell he spends hours making something custom and beautiful. I tell everyone about his work. I'm planning on making one for my husband and my 40th anniversary this year. Don't tell him. Oh wait, is this going to be on your website Chris?'

Maria L.

New Castle, PA

Chris and Digital Shoebox Studios converted a huge box of photo albums and 8mm films last year. The result was amazing and you can't even imagine the relief from having them now archived. I tell everyone. I love being one of his 'ambassadors'. Everyone thanks me and says, 'I've been looking for someone local. thank you!!' I said the same thing. Thanks Digital Shoebox Studios!!

Rebecca E.

Sewickley, PA

I felt like my video tapes were worthless sitting in a box in my basement. I was also worried that they were deteriorating every year. I recommend calling Digital Shoebox Studios. It really felt like a company that is interested in solving my problems and making me feel at ease. It was possibly one of the best customer service phone calls I've ever had. The finished product is perfect. We had a family viewing party last week. Thanks Chris!!

Mary L.

South Bend, IN

When my father died, I was surprised to find three huge boxes of slides. I had no idea what was on them. It was very important that they go somewhere and be safe. Chris and Digital Shoebox Studios made me feel like I was handing it to a family member. I know that sounds corny but it felt real. After one phone call, I was ready to trust them. The finished product was amazing! I found a side to my father I never knew existed.

John B.

Johnstown, PA

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